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Hakikazi Catalyst is a non-profit, non-political and non-religious organisation committed to achieving social and economic justice.

We promote the rights of people to fully participate in the social, technical, environmental and economic decisions that affect their lives.

We work on the basis that being able to understand issues of policy and engage with them is a strategic need for the poor and marginalised.

We directly address perceptions of powerlessness by enabling people to understand the forces acting on their lives and livelihoods and by empowering them to develop appropriate reactions.

Through our work vulnerable people are empowered to enforce their 'Right to a Say'.

Our vision is of a Tanzania where poor people are empowered with the knowledge and skills necessary to generate an active and effective voice which influences policy decisions in favour of pro-poor sustainable livelihoods solutions.

Our mission is to act as a local catalyst by facilitating participatory processes which empower marginalised people with knowledge about policies which effect their development and skills which enable them to engage constructively with government and other stakeholders to secure their social and economic rights.

Our goal is to facilitate processes that support the initiatives of poor and marginalised communities to influence change in national and local level policy and practice and also to promote the eradication of poverty.

Contact us

bulletHakikazi Catalyst, PO Box 781, Arusha, Tanzania
bulletTel: 255 27 2509860
bulletEmail: hakikazi@cybernet.co.tz

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