Closing Remarks
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TCDD Chairperson Rev. Dr. Fidon Mwombeki officiated the closing of the workshop. In the closing remarks, the chairperson pointed out TCDD is a member based institution operating as a coalition aiming at uniting CSOs to champion debt relief and development process in Tanzania. TCDD is and shall remain to be an open-ended coalition operating on the basis of the principles of coalition and networking and as such it is not another NGO because itself is made of members who are registered CSOs including CBOs, NGOs, networks, umbrellas and international NGOs based in Tanzania. The Chairperson called upon the various CSOs present in the workshop to stand firm and unite in the cause of promoting TCDD goals.

The Chairperson thanked all participants for attending the workshop. The workshop was very representative as it attracted and was attended by participants from different parts of Tanzania and from remote Districts such as Kasulu, Magu, Masasi, Kiteto etc.

The Chairperson thanked the participants for their valuable views and active participation throughout the workshop, which made it possible to achieve the objectives of the workshop. The Chairperson wished the participants a good journey back to their home and reminded them to address their attentions on the issues raised during the workshop and consensus reached at the end of the workshop. The TCDD Secretariat was requested to get in-touch the participants on follow-up activities.

Special thanks were also directed to UNDP for funding the workshop, and other partners, VPO, NBS, DFID, JICA, World Bank for attending the workshop as observers.

Special thanks were also directed to the TCDD Secretariat and the organizing committee to organize such a big workshop and make it a success.


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