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11.0  Presentation of Tanzania Socio-Economic Database (TSED)

The Tanzania Socio-economic Database was demonstrated to the participants on an overhead power-point projector which was used to cast the computerized version of the database on the wall, so that all the participants could see it. TSED will be the main repository of data relating to the PRSP. The database software has user-friendly presentations of data. It can present data in graphics, tables and coloured maps, which presents PRSP specific information that is disaggregated by districts.

Through the TSED, poverty related data and information could be analysed by district and gender disaggregation, as well as trend over years. The database version can be installed in an ordinary computer which has a CD Rom drive. The database will also be soon available on the internet.

The database can provide easy to interpret information on the status of a district against the various PRSP targets through coloured maps by district (i.e. red district being below PRSP target, yellow district being achieved PRSP targets and green districts being passed PRSP districts). In this way, these mapping features can easily facilitate policy makers to make decisions on which districts need further, or priority intervention.


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