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Oktoba—Disemba 2009

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A twelve page report on public expenditure tracking surveys (PETS),
FUATILIA PESA Newsletter Issue 1

September 2006

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bulletParticipatory Monitoring finds inequality among villages
bulletWhat is the Strategic Programme for the implementation of the land laws (SPILL)?
bulletDirector's Comment

February 2006

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bulletNgogogoro Programme
bulletOpportunities & Obstacles to Development
bulletArusha Press Club at Mererani
bulletDirector's Comment

Annual Report

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Hakikazi Catalyst Annual Report 2004
30 pages with photos and cartoons

Hi-res version available on request

 November 2005

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English - Lo-res
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bulletMbuyuni Action Planning
bulletWTO Networking
bulletAPC at Mererani
bulletDirector's Comment

 August 2005

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bulletBudget Monitoring
bulletPress for Development
bulletArusha Street Children
bulletDirector's Comment

May 2005

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bulletTerrat Saccos up and running
bulletPastoralists and the political process
bulletKarangai - a centre of attention
bulletPlain language news
bulletDirector's comment

Bulletin Number 4
(October 2004)

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Environmental governance: a crucial linkage between poverty reduction, natural resource use, and institutional reforms

Most people in Tanzania get their livelihood from natural resources. Laws and policies affect how resources are used and this is therefore a governance issue. So how can we help to make sure that environmental governance reduces poverty?

Bulletin Number 3
(August 2004)

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Promoting sustainable livelihoods to reduce income poverty.

Communities whose livelihoods directly depend on natural resources are not yet taking advantage of available opportunities for economic growth in Tanzania. Hakikazi is empowering affected communities to help them identify those opportunities and overcome limitations they face in securing sustainable livelihoods.

Bulletin Number 2
(July 2004)

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Poverty Reduction Strategy Review - Tanzania.

Hakikazi Catalyst, together with several other key NGOs, organised and facilitated workshops in Arusha and Mbeya to generate understanding and participatory action on the PRS review, and on the linkage between poverty reduction and governance.

Key questions are (1) How well is the PRS achieving poverty reduction?, and (2) What are the gaps and areas for improvement?

Bulletin Number 1
(June 2004)

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Hi resolutions
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Participatory Monitoring of PRS and pro-poor expenditure in selected districts and areas of Arusha Region, Tanzania.

Hakikazi Catalyst, in collaboration with Oxfam Ireland, used Participatory Action Learning Research to gain an indication of how poverty reduction strategies are working in grassroots communities.


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Our vision is of a Tanzania where poor people are empowered with knowledge and skills. This will give rise to active and effective voices to influence pro-poor policy decisions and sustainable livelihoods.

Our mission is to help marginalised people develop the knowledge and skills needed to influence government and other stakeholders so as to secure their social and economic rights.

Our goal is to support poor and marginalised communities in influencing change at local and national level so as to eradicate poverty.






















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