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The Tanzania Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP) provides a medium-term strategy to reduce poverty and is part of the Highly Indebted Poor Countries Initiative (HIPC). This strategy means that the Government has to cut back on spending, but it allows for various poverty-focused activities, and promotes a range of non-financial measures that should make an impact on poverty.

Many people were involved in developing the PRSP, and many more will be involved in making it work. The plan lists the reasons for people being poor, and suggests ways to overcome them. The PRSP is different from other plans because it sets very clear targets, and asks the people of the country to be involved.

There is an urgent need to build the capacity of a wide range of people to monitor the activities that have begun with the PRSP. People also need to help to analyse the information that is gathered, and to figure out what it means for policy.

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In order for the Government of Tanzania and other stakeholders to know if the various poverty reduction strategies are having an impact, a Poverty Monitoring Master Plan was developed in December 2001. This laid out a number of initiatives that would be undertaken over the next 3 years that would allow the poverty to be measured.

Following the development of the Poverty Monitoring Master Plan, the Poverty Eradication Division in the Vice-Presidentís Office received a number of enquiries regarding the poverty monitoring system. In an effort to respond to these queries, this guide has been created. Over 20,000 copies (English & Kiswahili) of it will be distributed across Tanzania.

We hope that this will answer those questions asked most frequently of us, and that interested parties will contact us for further information. This booklet is not, by any means, a comprehensive summary of the Poverty Monitoring Master Plan. The intention of the booklet is to present a basic understanding of how the poverty monitoring system works, and to create a demand for information amongst those who would like to participate, in some way, in the poverty monitoring efforts of the country.

R Mollel
Permanent Secretary
Vice President's Office
August 2002
For more information contact:

Poverty Monitoring Secretariat
Poverty Eradication Division
Vice President's Office
2nd Floor, Maktaba Complex
PO Box 5380
Dar es Salaam
Tel: 2151688

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