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Hakikazi Catalyst is legally registered under the Companies Ordinance of Tanzania as a company limited by guarantee not having share capital (No.39812). It is governed by a Board of Directors, of whom there are five. We also work with the Friends of Hakikazi, which is a large body consisting of those who seek our services, are our beneficiaries or those who support our work in any way. Both the Board and the Friends help to guide our work.

We work in a non-hierarchical way and are committed to democratic governance. Staff have worked collaboratively to develop core values to do with behaviour, internal policies and capacity development.

Manuals and procedures have been developed to cover the areas of finance and human resources in order that we carry out our work consistently and efficiently and report it accurately to stakeholders.

Governance Body Structure Function
Committee of Members
Founders and invited persons
Can expand starting with three
(MoU p8 item 2)
Board of Directors
Must be a member
Between three and five
(MoU p12 item 24)
Advisory Council
Any suitable person
Between five and seven
(MoU p15 item 47)
Vetting/ Watchdog
Friends of the Hakikazi Catalyst Assembly
Any suitable person
Any number ( presently over 30)
(MoU P8 item 5)
Furtherance of Mission and Vision

Office staff - names job descriptions and photographs


Committee of members:

bulletProf. Marjorie J. Mbilinyi
bulletMr Paul A. M. Chikira
bulletMr Emmanuel A. Kallonga
bulletMs Anne Lema
bulletMs Bernadette Bachubila

Board of Directors:

bulletMr Paul A. M. Chikira (Chair)
bulletMr Emmanuel A. Kallonga (Executive Director)
bulletMs Anne Lema (Director)
bulletMs Bernadette Bachubila (Director)

Advisory Council:

bulletMs Theofrida Kapinga
bulletDr Leonard Mbilinyi
bulletMr Joseph Mayalla
bulletProf Agnes Njabili

Office Staff

contact us

Emmanuel Kallonga


Bernadette Bachubila

Community Governance Manager

Anne Lema

Programme Services Manager

Allan Nswilla

Public Engagement Manager

Mwanaisha Mkumbwa

Programme Officer - Capacity Building

Adam Lingson

Programme Officer - Policy Analysis

Eliza Deo

Information Management Assistant

Tina Hansen

Socio-Economic Research and Planning Advisor

Justo Malleo

Office Supervisor

Asha Ramadhani

Office Assistant

Waheeda Ally

Office Assistant

Individual Associates

bulletSamuel Ole Saiguran MSc Development and Project Planning
bulletHerman H. Amma - BA Economics
bulletTheofrida Alex Kapinga - BA Social Development
bulletDaniel Nicolous Mvela - MA Rural Development
bulletKate Dyer - MSc Economics
bulletChamba M. Kajege - BSc Agriculture
bulletThomas B. Nzumbi - Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Management
bulletProf. James Bugengo - PhD Rural Sociology
bulletEsther George - BA Sociology
bulletGeorge Clark - MSc Agriculture Extension and Rural Development
bulletIan Leggett - MA Education

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