Popularising policy and influencing change
through action research, advocacy and creative communication

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Livingston Club Hotel, Bagamoyo, Tanzania, 12-14 August 2002

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The attractive and easy to read report of the full colloquium (40pp) is available for download here. You can have it in either pdf or zipped pdf format.

pdf (1101Kb)
Zipped pdf (802Kb)

Full versions of the original papers are available below.

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Welcome by District Commissioner  - Honourable Grace Mesaki pdf 20Kb

Opening address by Emmanuel Kallonga (Hakikazi Catalyst) pdf 22Kb

Popularising Policy - the 4D cycle approach
George Clark (CCSD) pdf 98Kb

Agricultural Sector Development Strategy - practical experience in designing policy
Janet F Bitegeko (Director for Policy and Planning, Ministry of Agriculture) pdf 95Kb

National Policy Making Process - some reflections on processes of policy making
Christopher Mushi (UNDP) pdf 31Kb

Demystifying Policy (text based)
George Clark (CCSD) pdf 173Kb

Demystifying Policy (other modes of demystification)
Charles Erhart (ESRF) pdf 38Kb

Distributing Popularised Policy Materials
Waheeda Shariff (Carpe Diem Ink) pdf 107Kb

Democratic policy formulation and implementation - encouraging participation through policy dialogue/ discussion
Emmanuel Kallonga (Hakikazi Catalyst) pdf 121Kb

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Conceptual Issues - Research and Social Action
Prof. Marjorie Mbilinyi, (KIHACHA and the University of DSM) pdf 148Kb

Alternative views on development and poverty reduction - Tanzanian grassroots perspectives about food, land and democracy
Prof Marjorie Mbilinyi (RFS/KIHACHA) pdf 102Kb

Participatory Action Research
Charles Ehrhart (TzPPA/ESRF) pdf 38Kb

REPOA - Experiences in participatory research and micro-macro policy linkages
Els Lecoutere (REPOA) pdf 60Kb

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How NGOs can use Mass Media effectively to disseminate information
Ananilea Nkya (TAMWA)

Creative communication on policy awareness
Ananilea Nkya (TAMWA)

Popular theatre and it's role in participation for social development
Abdalla R Mdoe, Theatre for Social Development (THESODE) pdf 47Kb

Closing Address
Emmanuel Kallonga (Hakikazi Catalyst) pdf 31Kb

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