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Advocacy monitoring indicators

It is useful for many reasons to know how successful your advocacy work is being. But this is very difficult to measure accurately. It is an art as much as a science.

In planning your advocacy campaign you will have listed smart objectives with associated inputs and outputs. It helps to also list outcomes with associated indicators.
The resources you will be using - often simply in terms of staff and production costs
The results of your activities.
The impact you expect to achieve from each of your outputs
The evidence you will collect to show that the outcome has been achieved.

You do not want to spend a lot of time gathering indicator information. But you can design forms and build routines so that you keep regular records that can be the basis of later reports. Here are some simple ideas to get you started.

Monitor your target
Record and observe changes in the rhetoric of your target audience. Keep a file of their statements over time. What are they saying about you and your campaign? Are they moving closer to your position and adapting to or adopting any of your language or philosophy?

Monitor your relationships

Record the frequency and content of conversations with external sources and target audiences. Are you discussing new ideas? Are you becoming a confidante or a source of information or advice?

Monitor the media

bulletCount column inches on your issue and the balance of pro and anti comment.
bulletCount the number of mentions for your organisation.
bulletAnalyse whether the media is adopting your viewpoint and language.

Monitor your connectedness

bulletRecord the sources and numbers of inquiries that you receive as a result of your work.
bulletAre you getting to the people you wanted to get to?
bulletHow and where have they heard of your work?
bulletHow accurate are their pre-conceptions about you and your work?

Monitor public opinion

Analyse what the population thinks about the issue and/or your organisation through telephone questionnaires, or through commissioning surveys.


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