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Here we provide links to a range of relevant documents - many produced by Hakikazi itself

Community Score Cards Africa Cases
- includes Hakikazi


Emmanuel Sule (Dec 2008) (40 pages)

Wildlife-Based Revenue Transparency Performance in Longido and Simanjiro Districts;

Tanzania offers a unique product to the world’s growing tourism sector. This potential has led to a situation where control over natural resources and ownership of land remain the most prominent socioeconomic and political issue in rural areas throughout the nation.

If properly managed, revenue from the tourism sector could do much to improve livelihoods in rural areas where most tourism attractions are found.

However, most local communities receive little benefit from the presence of wildlife tourists on their lands. There are many reasons for this, including ...

for Hakikazi Catalyst - download as a 3.4Mb pdf

Following the money: do Public Expenditure Tracking Surveys matter?

Geir Sundet. U4 ISSUE 2008:8


Public Expenditure Tracking Surveys, or PETS, are recognised as an effective tool to improve accountability in public finance and service delivery. A Ugandan success with PETS is one of the most cited anti-corruption success stories. Expenditure tracking has also become a popular activity among civil society organisations engaged in accountability issues at the local level.

This U4 Issue Paper takes a closer look at the experience of expenditure tracking and argues that its successes may have been overstated. It suggests that an uncritical acceptance of the effectiveness of expenditure tracking has hindered the development of a more nuanced approach that is better suited to the particular circumstances of each case. The paper proposes some principles of engagement on how to track expenditures more effectively.

Hakikazi Catalyst (October 2006)  Mkurabita Information Workshop - process and feedback report (15 pages) Golden Rose Hotel, Arusha, 31 October 2006

Outputs from the abovementioned workshop recording the reactions of a multistakeholder set of participants. (For 152Kb doc click HERE)

Brian Cooksey and Masuma Mamdani  (May 2004)  "Summary of Conclusions from Recent Research and Synthesis of Key Issues on Poverty In Tanzania" (May 2004) (15 pages)

This report summarises and reviews the key findings from the: "Poverty and Human Development Reports" (PHDR) 2002 and 2003, "Tanzania Participatory Poverty Assessment" (TzPPA) 2002-2003, and "Policy and Service Satisfaction Survey" (PSSS) 2003-2004; as well as reviewing other reports.

Note - you can get a copy of the full report at the same place on the REPOA website

Liz Alden Wily 2003, Community-based land tenure management. Questions and answers about Tanzania's new Village Land Act, 1999. 59pp ISBN 1 84369 487 5 http://www.iied.org/drylands/pubs/documents/dry_ip120eng.pdf

In 1999, Tanzania enacted a basic new land law in the form of the Land Act and the Village Land Act. The latter lays out the legal framework and procedures for most of Tanzania's rural land to henceforth be governed through a community-based land tenure management system. This devolves authority over land administration, land management and dispute resolution to the community level. This paper aims to provide a very simple but comprehensive explanation of the Village Land Act, which came into effect in May 2001. It includes a list of questions and answers about the new law, which were originally for Tanzanian District Councils as base material upon which they developed simple material aids and guidelines for villagers.

Participatory Monitoring of PRS and Pro-Poor Expenditure in selected Districts and areas of Arusha Region, Tanzania
report  by Hakikazi Catalyst, Arusha, Tanzania, November 2004 (130 pages)
Poverty Reduction Strategy Review
Consultation of Civil Society Organisations from the Southern Highlands Regions of Iringa, Mbeya, Rukwa and Ruvuma
Held at Rift Valley Hotel, Mbeya,
29-30 March 2004
57 pages (157Kb pdf file)
Poverty Reduction Strategy Review
Consultations and Feedback from Northern Tanzania
Report of a Workshop held 23-24 March 2004
Golden Rose Hotel, Arusha
29 pages(147 Kb pdf file)
Popularisation of Policy - a participatory approach in Tanzania
PowerPoint presentation to IRN conference in the UK on 22-27 June 2003
Tanzania NGO Policy Forum - towards a protocol for engagement in the policy process - Consultancy Report - December 2002
Bouncing Back
Grassroots feedback to the PRSP

August 2002
Two articles from Jubilee 2000
Three articles from CCSD
About Tanzania's Poverty Reduction Strategy

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