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Wealth Gap


It says in the Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper that, “The Government intends to continue to seek fuller representation of the poor and other stakeholders in the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the poverty reduction strategy, and in subsequent revisions of the PRSP.

This plain language version of the PRSP is a civil society organisation’s contribution to making this participation happen. One of Hakikazi Catalyst’s tasks is Popularising Policy. Five thousand Kiswahili and two thousand English versions of this document are to be given to Central and District government officials and to civil society organisations. The text is also reproduced as a supplement in the Daily News (English) and Majira (Kiswahili).

The tone and spirit of the booklet remains true to the original PRSP but cartoons and quotations have been added along with a small section which explains what some of the big words mean and a list of ten questions to stimulate heavy thinking. These extras should help readers to dig beneath the surface and mine for deeper understandings.

Pages have been reserved in the Daily News and the Majira to record comment and feedback on the document and the process of poverty reduction in general. These comments will also be copied to our website (see below) which will provide a continuously growing source of ideas and information about poverty reduction.

You are invited as an individual or as a group to respond to the questions posed in this document and to make any other form of comment that you feel necessary. Responses should be sent to:

Tanzania without Poverty
Hakikazi Catalyst
PO Box 781
Tel: 255 27 2509860

Right now we want all development programmes to emanate from the people themselves and not from the central government. 
[Benjamin Mkapa 31 March 2001]

Closing the Wealth Gap

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