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bulletWhat is poverty? 
bulletHow experts see it 
bulletHow ordinary people see it 
bulletRegional Differences 
bulletSeeing the bigger picture 
bulletIncome and non-income poverty 
bulletHow will we Reduce Poverty? 
bulletThe overall plan 
bulletSet very clear national targets 
bulletCreate a national economic environment which stimulates development 
bulletStay true to the three guiding ideas 
bulletThe need for indicators 
bulletThree types of indicators 
bulletBuilding a system for monitoring and evaluation 
bulletTargets, Activities and Indicators 
bulletReduce income poverty 
bulletRural Development and Export Growth 
bulletPrivate sector development 
bulletGood Government 
bulletMacroeconomic Stability 
bulletImprove quality of life and social well-being 
bulletSocial well-being - political involvement 
bulletReduce vulnerability amongst the poorest groups 
bulletHow will we pay for poverty reduction? 
bulletSources of funds 
bulletPriorities for spending 
bulletSpecial Poverty Reduction Extras 
bulletHow are plans made? 
bulletHow was this plan made? 
bulletHow will future plans be made? 
bulletWhat the big words mean 
bulletTen tough questions to provoke hard thinking


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