Chapter 3C
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Targets Activities and Indicators (C)

bulletReduce income poverty 
bulletRural Development and Export Growth 
bulletPrivate sector development 
bulletGood Government 
bulletMacroeconomic Stability 
bulletImprove quality of life and social well-being 
bulletSocial well-being - political involvement 
bulletReduce vulnerability amongst the poorest groups


Reduce vulnerability amongst the poorest groups

Local communities will be asked to help identify vulnerable groups and decide what their needs are and how they might be met. Some of the actions to help these groups are:


Food-for-work Programmes


Special projects dealing with orphans and the handicapped


Early warning systems to predict weather-related variations in crop yields


Support to irrigation schemes in arid areas


Improving access to food supplies in surplus regions


Developing drought resistant crops


Sustained efforts in re-afforestation

The World Bank has also provided a loan for a large Tanzania Social Action Fund (TASAF) project at district level.

Many of the poor people in Tanzania depend on the natural environment for their food and also to make a living from selling forest products like firewood, charcoal, honey and wild fruits. We donít know enough about these activities to make plans and set targets for protecting the environment. Information will be gathered and built into future versions of the PRSP.
Life story patterns showed that the poor with few assets would, with great effort, slowly creep upward, only to be plunged back into poverty by illness, loss of employment, poor crops or, for women, desertion. There often is nothing to prevent them from falling into the abyss. And when they do fall there may be nobody waiting to catch them at the bottom or to lend a hand as they attempt to start over. [Deepa Narayan]

Links will be made to other initiatives such as promoting the use of drought resistant crops and community managed irrigation schemes, and to initiatives in afforestation and destocking.


Build the capacity of all communities needing safety net programmes



Promote community-based care programmes for the most vulnerable groups


Create an equalisation fund to help disadvantaged areas

We help any member of the group when they fall into problems; we provide consolation to the one who has a problem.
[Womenís Group, Tabora]



the number of databases on vulnerable groups established at local and central levels of government


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