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The idea of producing this plain language guide to the Government of Tanzania's Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper came originally from Emmanuel Kallonga who in his time has worked in Government, been the Country Representative of Oxfam and is now Director of the Civil Society Organisation Hakikazi Catalyst (

The English version of the guide was prepared by George Clark a consultant who works with civil society organisations. Involved with international development since 1974 he is presently Convenor of the Caledonia Centre for Social Development (

We greatly appreciate the efforts of the many readers of the draft booklets in both Dar es Salaam and Arusha. Their comments helped to ensure both readability and accuracy.

Hakikazi Catalyst acknowledges the special contribution of Ally Masoud ( ) whose ability to express complex ideas in simple cartoons has added so much to the publication.

Much of the task of popularising policy lies in translating it into language that most people can understand. The assistance of Dr Y I Rubanza and Prof H Mwansoko in translating the text into plain language Kiswahili is thus gratefully acknowledged.

Our thanks to the Tanzania Coalition for Debt and Development (TCDD) for its assistance in distributing the booklet.

We also greatly appreciate the words of encouragement we have had from the Poverty Reduction Department of the Vice President's Office. This bodes well for a future where Government and Civil Society Organisations work together in the fight against poverty.

Production of the Guide was funded by the UK's Department for International Development (DFID) ( ). Special thanks to Alana Albee, Waheeda Shariff and Julia Sampson.


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