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Advocacy – effective influencing

You will focus your advocacy on an audience and it is useful to think of your audience in terms of stakeholders, decision makers and influencers.

Stakeholders These are the individuals and groups who do, or will, have an interest in what you want to change.
Decision Makers These are the key individuals that will bring about the change you want
Influencers These are the people who can influence decision makers. They can act on your behalf or against you.

To make the most of your limited resources it is useful

bulletto think hard about your existing, and possible future, stakeholders and get them involved with the process
bulletfind out about your key decision makers and influencers – How do they think? What motivates them? If they are not already interested in your issue how can you introduce them to it?

Lines of Influence

It can be useful to make a map of your decision makers and influencers and to connect them with ‘lines of influence’. You can then think about the sort of information you could feed to the various different people.

wpe3A.jpg (11944 bytes)


Advocacy Planning Matrix

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