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Executive Summary

This report analyses a small sample of feedback to the Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP) as it was explained in Tanzania bila Umaskini. This sample was received through CONCERN WORLDWIDE who organized and facilitated discussions and feedback in districts where it is active. The  purpose of the report is to disseminate the grassroots perspective on the PRSP to Government policy makers and their development partners. A series of other reports will come later.
One hundred of over 1,400 written responses from different individuals and locations were randomly selected for analysis. Each response was coded for the number of mentions of 20 pre-determined PRSP and 12 non-PRSP issues. Response variations with respect to individuals, location and sex were noted.
The issues of good governance and community participation account for 53% of the responses. This result suggest that, if poverty is to be eradicated in Tanzania, the Government must provide high quality services in all the sectors, using a highly participatory approach.
A further 27% of the responses are covered by the issues of Tax Reform, Education, Agriculture and Gender. This demonstrates that priorities amongst particular groups in particular parts of the country may not always align with overall national priorities.
Responses from individuals tend to be more detailed, focusing on a few specific PRSP issues. Regarding location, responses from southern regions (Lindi and Mtwara) gave a more insightful perspective on PRSP than the other regions.
Response variations with respect to gender showed that women tend to give more constructive ideas on PRSP (especially gender) when they are in their own group than when they are grouped together with men.
Based on the understanding of its great complexity, poverty in Tanzania needs more intensive research to test the effectiveness of the Poverty Reduction Strategy Process.


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