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This report is a tiny contribution to the huge, historic and ongoing process of building a participatory poverty monitoring system in Tanzania.
We acknowledge all those stakeholders who are involved in building the overall poverty monitory system. They are from Government, civil society, the private sector and the country's development partners. Particular thanks to those in the poverty section of the Vice President's Office for much needed words of encouragement.
In particular we acknowledge those who helped to produce Hakikazi Catalyst's plain language guide to Tanzania's Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP) ie
Tanzania without Poverty (see  ) and Tanzania bila Umaskini (see  ). This included George Clark as technical author, Ali Masoud as cartoonist, Professors Rubanza and Mwansoko as translators and to staff at Color Print (Tanzania) for design and layout. A huge debt of thanks is also due to the many individuals who commented on drafts of the booklets and to the many individuals and institutions who helped to distribute it and encouraged people to read it and discuss its contents. Staff at DFID not only organized the funding but had the vision and the faith to support the initiative - special thanks to Alana Albee, Waheeda Shariff Samji and Julia Sampson.
There are also many acknowledgements to be made concerning this report on feedback to the booklets. CONCERN in particular was instrumental not only in distributing the booklets but also in organizing for training of facilitators and for gathering the outputs from visits and workshops. CONCERN also funded the collation of results and the production and distribution of this 'Bouncing Back' report. Thanks also to George Clark (Hakikazi Catalyst's Technical Consultant) for designing the analysis guidelines and helping with the feedback report and to Nathan Mpangala for his stimulating cartoons.  Many thanks also to Kate Dyer, Thomas Nzumbi and Emmanuel Retoine at MAARIFA NI UFUNGUO, TACOSODE and RECODA respectively for their peer reviews of the analytical process and the report. Thanks to Mrs Elizaph Deo and Miss Glory Lyimo for design and layout of the report. A word of thanks also to Oxfam Ireland for providing core funding  to Hakikazi Catalyst. This ensured that the project management and administration services needed for such a widespread and complex undertaking were at hand. Thank you therefore to Anne Lema and Bernadette Bachubila in the Arusha office.

Emmanuel Kallonga
P.O. Box  781, Arusha, Tanzania
Jacaranda Street, Plot No. 12/P, Elite Cinema Building, Arusha
Tel 255 27 2 509860/  0744-281286/  0744-310346/  0744-369812


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