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Appendix 4
Recommendations for future research into feedback

Although there was always the intention to gather feedback on the PRSP it happened spontaneously in a manner that caught many people by surprise. Attempts to gather it were thus more ad hoc than would have been ideal. Comments on the process and recommendations on how the process might be improved in future are given here

Apart from the personal contacts, the community feedback on PRSP in this study came only from 10 of 21 possible locations - i.e. Iringa, Kigoma, Lindi,  Morogoro, Shinyanga, Arusha, Dar es Salaam, Pemba, Mtwara and Singida. Community feedback on PRSP should be received from the other 15 locations so as to give a more realistic picture of poverty in Tanzania. Respondents should be carefully selected such that the majority of them come from the grassroots poor communities.

Questionnaire design:
In addition to the 10 tough questions to provoke hard thinking at the back of the PRSP booklet, a questionnaire requiring short answers or statements could also be used. The questionnaire should include all PRSP and non-PRSP issues. (PRSP issues are those which have been pre-determined, whereas non-PRSP issues are those which have been identified during the analysis process).

Respondents should indicate their location, sex, age and formal education, among other things. It would also be very helpful if they gave their names and contact addresses.

The PRSP Feedback Analysis Coding Sheet should be improved such that it can be used with any data collection method - e.g. focus group interviews and community interviews. (The coding sheet is most appropriate for individual respondents).
Questions which can just be answered with a "Yes" or "No" should be avoided as much as possible - e.g. Questions 4, 5 and 7. [NB: There are 9 questions only in the Kiswahili version. Question 3 (English version) has been omitted].

If a questionnaire is to be used to collect PRSP data, all the cross-cutting programs, emerging issues and supplementary programs should be emphasized. The relative rate of mention of these programs/issues in the PRSP feedback analysis was generally very low.


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