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Suggested priority areas for action from this sample

The message emerging from this particular study is that if poverty is to be reduced in
Tanzania, the following issues must be addressed:-

  • The Government must develop practical, enabling policies to ensure the provision of  high quality services in all the sectors to all the people all the time.
  • Grassroots poor communities must participate in the planning, implementation, management and decision making of poverty alleviation initiatives.
  • Payment of taxes is acceptable, but the methods of collection should be reviewed drastically to take into consideration the size of income of all the tax payers, or else unprecedented corruption will flourish indefinitely.
  • In addition to eliminating illiteracy, grassroots poor communities must be educated on their basic rights and these must be protected
  • Improvement of agriculture, which is the backbone of Tanzania's economy, will lead to significant reduction of poverty. Ordinary people should be aware of what is being suggested in the Agriculture Sector Development Strategy (ASDS)
  • Social, economic and political empowerment of women must be given due           consideration by the Government.
  • In addition to efforts being made to increase life expectancy, people must be healthy all the time, or else they will not be able to fight against poverty.
  • Development of small enterprises must be given financial, material and moral       support.
  • The poorest of the poor, including marginalized persons, need support in order to   reduce poverty and build self reliance.
  • Research on poverty must be better coordinated and conducted to test the hypothesis which states  that "Poverty among many Tanzanians is always growing".


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